Protective shields

Protective shields CleanAIR® are providing face and respiratory protection in combination with PAPR or an airline system. Protective shields are suitable for painting, surface finishing, in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry.


Light universal faceshield providing the highest comfort and safety. The highest level of  breathing protection with enhanced inner airflow regulation and a visor with excellent optical and mechanical features make this universal light face shield a true leader of its class.

Areas of application
UniMask can be used for spray painting or surface finishing operations in environments with low demands on chemical resistance, typically in chemical and pharmaceutical industries and laboratories.


Protective shield Omnira air

Grinding shield with integrated air distribution for the highest  respiratory protection, protection of eyes and face. It also offers high protection against high speed particles. The shield can be extended with a welding shield, which gives you a full-fledged welding flip-up helmet.

Areas of application
Suitable for grinding and surface finishing operations in heavy industrial environments. In combination with DIN5 visor it is suitable for all gas and plasma cutting/welding operations.


Protective shield CA-3 (acetate)

Discontinued starting November 13, 2023.
All the consumables and spare parts remains available until December 2026 or untill further notice.

Spacy shield with an unlimited view. This popular light protective shield with a wide acetate visor provides respiratory protection and face protection against splashing chemicals. The visor offers a broad and clear field of vision, high chemical resistance and protection against liquid spraying.

Acetate visor – due to its high chemical resistence, this light shield provides protection against liquid spraying (in accordance with EN166).

Areas of application
CA-3 finds application in many sectors like environments with high chemical resistance requirements, chemical industry, laboratories and spray painting.


Safety helmet CA-4 (acetate)

CA-4 safety helmet combines respiratory protection with protection of the head, face and ears and can be modified according to the wearer´s needs. The helmet can be equipped with further safety elements: an additional flip-up acetate visor (transparent or green DIN 5), earmuffs or a long cape for protection of the neck against splashing liquids.

Areas of application
The helmet can be used in chemical industry and laboratories as well as for chemical spraying.