Protective shield CA-3

Spacy shield with an unlimited view

This popular light protective shield with a wide acetate visor provides respiratory protection and face protection against splashing chemicals. The visor offers a broad and clear field of vision, high chemical resistance and protection against liquid spraying.

Attention! There are two types of shield acetate and polycarbonate. Acetate type of visor is not recommended for grinding operations. It provides protection against liquid spraying in accordance with the standard EN 166.


Areas of application

CA3 with acetate shield finds application in many sectors like environments with high chemical resistance requirements, chemical industry, laboratories and spray painting.

CA3 with polycarbonate shield can be used in any dusty environments without the necessity to protect neck and shoulders. It is suitable for grinding, surface finishing operations, for building industry, even in heavy industrial conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Light and spacious face shield
  • Broad field of vision
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easily exchangeable visor
  • Comfortable adjustable headgear
  • Soft headband
Complete hoods
Protective shield CA-3 (acetate)71 03 01
Spare parts, accessories
Sweatband CleanAIR pack of 10 pcs16 70 01/10
Face seal for welding hoods – universal70 21 53
CA-3 Spare visor acetate71 03 33
Grinding shield frame Bionic with headband (w/o visor)71 03 40
Light flexi hose (QuickLOCK™ – CA40x1/7“)71 00 60
Weight520 g
Materialshield body – polyamide
headgear – polyamide
visor – acetate/polycarbonate
Protection factor (NPF)50
Hose connectionQuickLOCK™
CertificationEN 12941 TH2
EN 14594 2A
EN 166 F T