Protective shield CA-4

Lightweight industrial safety helmet with air distribution

The helmet can be equipped with further safety elements: an additional flip-up polycarbonate visor for protection of eyes against impacts of particles with medium energy, earmuffs and a long cape for protection of the neck. The wide panoramic visor with an anti-fog coating enables a good orientation. The helmet fits well thanks to the adjustable headgear and is provided with a sweatband.


Areas of application

The hood can be used in all dusty environments where safety helmet is required: namely in building
industry, surface finishing operations and other heavy industrial environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide field of vision
  •  Antifog coating
  • Comfortable adjustable headgear
Complete hoods
Safety helmet CA-4 (orange face seal)71 04 01*
Safety helmet CA-4 with long protective hood (orange face seal)71 04 00V
* If blue face seal is required, please, add “B” to the end of the product code
Spare parts, accessories
Safety helmet CA471 04 01
Safety helmet CA4 with long protective hood71 04 00V
Sweatband CleanAIR® (pack of 10 pcs)16 70 01/10
Protection film (pack of 10 pcs)70 01 20/10
Holder of the flipup visor70 04 37
Flipup visor Surefit¹– polycarbonate70 04 42
Face seal including visor¹– orange71 04 61*
Earmuffs including adaptors for safety helmet70 04 40.2
* If blue face seal required, please, add “B” to the end of the product code
Weight850 g
Materialinner visor – cellulose propionate
flip-up visor – acetate / polycarbonate
hard hat – polyethylene
head harness – textile
face seal – polyester with PVC coating
Protection factor (NPF)50
Hose connectionQuickLOCK™
CertificationEN 12941 TH2
EN 14594 3A
EN 166 1B
EN 397