Ready 2 Care set MedicAER with CA-10 & P3 filters

Safely protected to help others

High-efficient respiratory protection for healthcare workers.

The set includes powered air purifying respirator specially designed for protection professionals facing biological and viral contamination, chemically resistant hood CA-10, 8x particle P3 filters and other necessary accessories, all in a practical bag.

What’s in the box

CleanAIR® CA-10

CA-10 chemically resistant hood with easy decontamination.

CleanAIR® MedicAER

Powered air purifying respirator specifically designed for the protection of healthcare workers, emergency teams or other professionals facing biological and viral contamination.


8 pcs P3 filters, QuickLOCK™ air hose, flow indicator, decontamination set (2 pcs plug with external thread, 1pc cap with internal thread), battery charger, 2 pcs Li-Ion battery.