Universal hood CA-10/G

Superior breathing protection with high chemical resistance

This chemically resistant hood ensures respiratory protection and protection of the head, neck and shoulders in the most demanding chemical environments. In combination with PAPR or airline systems CleanAIR® it reaches the highest level of breathing protection. The hood has increased durability and can be decontaminated because of the light laminated fabric with taped seams. It is still very light and comfortable thanks to the inner antiseptic fabric which absorbs sweat and at the same time creates an additional sealing. It perfectly fits to various head types due to adjustable headgear and comfortable elastic rubber band. The distance of the visor can be individually set, as well as the perimeter of the headgear. The wide panoramic visor with antifog coating ensures undisturbed view and provides basic mechanical protection.


Areas of application

The hood can be used in all environments demanding high durability and chemical resistance. It is suitable for spraying and painting operations as well as for use in laboratories and pharmaceutical or chemical industries.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior respiratory protection
  • Durable and decontaminable
  • Inner antiseptic fabric that absorbs sweat and provides extra sealing
  • Wide visor with antifog coating
  • Individual headgear settings – adjustable perimeter and distance from the visor
  • Pleasant to wear due to the spacy cut and light weight durable material
  • Provides full protection of the eyes according to EN 166
  • Practical reflective tab on the top
Complete hoods
Long protective hood CA-10, chemically resistant 72 10 02
Spare parts, accessories
Protection foil – 10 pcs 70 01 20/10
Sweatband CleanAIR for light hoods, pack of 5pcs 16 70 03/5
Headgear for light hoods CleanAIR®, adjustable 72 00 01
Weight 220 g
Material hood – polyethylene laminated
visor – cellulose propionate
Colour yellow
Protection factor (NPF) 500
Hose connection QuickLOCK™
Certification EN 12941 TH3
EN 14594 3A
EN 166 1 S F