Welding helmet CA-29 Evolve

Represents ergonomic and lightweight flip-up
combination of auto-darkening welding helmet
and transparent protective visor.

Thanks to stable flip-up welding visor provides excelent protection for welding and subsequent surface finishing operations.

The flip-up front can be lifted up onto the top of the helmet, whenever the wide undisturbed view is needed. The unique flip-up mechanism optimises the center of gravity and reduces the required space. The flip-up welding shield allows to use either autodarkening filter or passive welding filter with standard dimension 110×90 mm and thus provides protection of face and eyes against harmful ultraviolet/ infrared radiation and welding spatters. A wide curved protective visor ensures undisturbed view in all directions and meets medium impact requirements “B” as defined in EN 166.
CA-29 Evolve is designed for use with CleanAIR® PAPR units or CleanAIR® airline systems to protect respiratory tract from various kinds of harmfull airborne contaminants.


Areas of application

  • Suitable for most of welding methods and subsequent cleaning and grinding operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Combines welding and grinding protection
  • Compact and durable design
  • Low weight, well balanced, comfortable
  • Large curved visor 170×95 mm
  • Compatible with autodarkening or passive filters 110×90 mm
  • Comfortable and easily adjustable headband
  • Easily exchangeable spare parts
  • Compatible with CleanAIR® PAPRs and airline systems
Complete hoods
Welding helmets CA-29 Evolve, incl. air distribution and passive filter No. 10 70 29 00
Welding helmets CA-29 Evolve, incl. air distribution and ADF V9-13 DS ADC 70 29 01
Welding helmets Evermatic Evolve, with passive filter No. 10, w/o air distribution 40 29 00
Welding helmets Evermatic Evolve with ADF V9-13 DS ADC, w/o air distribution 40 29 01
Spare parts, accessories
Assembly kit for a welding helmets (incl. face seal, air duct, sweatband 2 pcs) 44 00 85CA
Face seal for welding helmets – universal 70 21 53
Light flexi hose (QuickLOCK™ – bayonet) 71 00 60B
Light flexi hose (QuickLOCK™ – CA40x1/7“) 71 00 60
Headband for CA-29, incl. set of sweatbands 70 29 41
Assembly kit for headband 70 29 42
Flip-up kit, complete assembly 70 29 45
Grinding visor, polycarbonate 70 29 20
Protection plate external, 110×90 mm, 1,0 mm *110/90/1
Protection plate internal, 108×51 mm, 0,75 mm *108/51
Autodarkening filter V9-13 DS ADC 40 50 40
Welding filter passive 110×90 mm, shade No. 8 110/90-08
Welding filter passive 110×90 mm, shade No. 9 110/90-09
Welding filter passive 110×90 mm, shade No. 10 110/90-10
Welding filter passive 110×90 mm, shade No. 11 110/90-11
Welding filter passive 110×90 mm, shade No. 12 110/90-12
Welding filter passive 110×90 mm, shade No. 13 110/90-13
Technical data
Weight 580 g (helmet w/o air distribution, w/o ADF)
Material helmet shell – TPE
visor – Polycarbonate
Hose connection CA40×1/7“
Protection factor (NPF) 50
Certification EN 12941 TH2, EN 14594 2A,
EN 175 B, EN 166 B