CleanAIR® Ultimate

A revolutionary concept of an overpressured protective suit for highly contaminated environments.

The system uniquely combines the highest protection level of the full face mask with all the benefits of the ventilated protective coverall.

The CleanAIR® Ultimate coverall is designed solely for use in combination with the headtop CleanAIR Ultimate GX and the powered air purifying respirator CleanAIR® Chemical 2F.

How it works? 

The filtered air is driven through the air hose right into the face mask, while the surplus and the exhaled air goes into the coverall and creates overpressure. The PAPR including filters stays sheltered under the coverall. The connection between the suit and the filters is built up by special garment grommets. This design solution allows continuous respiratory protection even during the procedure of doffing the suit.

Ultimate GX

The face piece Ultimate GX offers all the benefits of panoramic full face mask Shigematsu GX02 and at the same time it ensures a simple connection to the built-in blower unit. The secure connection of the hood with the full face mask Ultimate GX is provided by a unique clamp frame.

CleanAIR® Ultimate GX, size S, incl. clamp frame, grommets 2 pcs 73 06 01S
CleanAIR® Ultimate GX, size M, incl. clamp frame, grommets 2 pcs 73 06 01M
CleanAIR® Ultimate GX, size L, incl. clamp frame, grommets 2 pcs 73 06 01L
Clamp frame Ultimate 73 06 10

Ultimate 2500 coverall

Delivers maximum strength and liquid and particle barrier properties. Special emphasis was placed on intuitive and easy donning and doffing.

Elasticated face opening allows easy attachment to the Ultimate GX face piece. The coverall is supplied with elasticated wrists, ankles and waist and incorporates a two way front zipper and extended storm flaps.

CleanAIR® Ultimate 2500 coverall is designed solely for use in combination with CleanAIR® Ultimate GX mask and the powered air respiratory system CleanAIR® Chemical 2F.

The complete system CleanAIR Ultimate provides respiratory, face and body protection from solid and liquid aerosols, particulate radioactive contamination or infective agents.

CleanAIR® Ultimate 2500 Protective Coverall – size S/M/L/XL, pack of 20 pcs 90 25 00**/20
** Add S/M/L/XL for the required size


Areas of application

• Remediation operations, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry
• First responders and emergency teams
• Biological protection

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to wear system
  • Continuous respiratory protection even during doffing the suit
  • The PAPR and filters are completely sheltered by the coverall
  • High level of airflow for greater comfort
  • Advantageous economical operation
Complete sets
CleanAIR® Ultimate 2500 Protective Coverall – size S/M/L/XL, pack
of 20 pcs
90 25 00*/20
CleanAIR® Ultimate GX, size S/M/L, incl. clamp frame, grommets 2pcs 73 06 01**
CleanAIR® Chemical 2F Asbest – incl. Li-Ion battery, decontaminable
hypalon belt, charger, flow indicator
51 00 00ASD


* Add S/M/L/XL for the required size

** Add S/M/L for the required size

Spare parts / accessories
Filter ZERO lite, thread 2x RD40x1/7“ 50 42 49
Garment grommet 70 00 55
Visor protection film 71 06 20
Inner mask size „S“ 71 06 90S
Inner mask size „M“ 71 06 90M
Inner mask size „L“ 71 06 90L
Inhalation valve (5 pcs) 71 06 91
Head harness 71 06 80
Sealing sticker (5 stickers) 71 06 97.1
Clamp frame 73 06 10
Exhalation valve (2 pcs) 73 06 50
Weight 960 g (including standard battery) Dimension
Dimensions 240 mm / 110 mm / 120 mm
Airflow adjustable 160 -235 lpm
Alarm audio, visual
Operation* / charging time <10 / <3h standard battery
<20 / <5,5h Heavy Duty battery
Battery Li-Ion 14,4 V / 2,6 Ah (standard)
Li-Ion 14,4 V / 5,2 Ah (Heavy Duty)
Hose connection CA40x1/7“
Certification EN 12941 TH3
EN 12942 TM3
EN1073-1 class 5 (NPF 50.000)
Ingress protection IP64/IP65/IP68
**at 160 lpm with brand new P R SL filters and fully charged battery