CleanAIR® Chemical 2F EX

The most versatile and durable respirator is newly available in ATEX version which can be used in potentiallly explosive atmospheres.

Despite its compact design and low weight, Chemical 2F is characterized by outstanding durability, chemical resistance and increased ingress protection. The thought-out design with smooth surface allows easy decontamination by shower or even full immersion. The unique aotomatic closing system prevents unwanted contamination while the filters are being changed. The smart Flow Control system maintains the airflow constant regardless filter clogging or low battery charge. Audiovisual alarm indicate when the battery charge and/or filter replacement is required. Airflow is individualy adjustable from 120 lpm up to 235 lpm.


Areas of application

  • Potentially explosive atmospheres – approved to Zone 2
  • Heavy industrial environments including chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Remediation operations, laboratories
  • First responders and emergency teams
  • Biological protection

Features & Benefits

  • Compact design and low weight
  • Specially adapted for use in potentially explosive atmospheres – approved to Zone 2
  • Compatible with a hood, mask or ventilated protective suit
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Increased ingress protection allows decontamination by shower or even full immersion (IP64/IP65/IP68)
  • Full colour display clearly shows all the relevant information – filter clogging, battery charge, airflow
  • Flow Control system maintains constant airflow regardless of the level of filter clogging or battery charge
  • Short battery recharging time < 3 hours
  • Audiovisual alarm
  • Multilingual user interface
Complete sets
CleanAIR® Chemical 2F Ex – incl. comfort belt Ex, Li-Ion battery,
charger, light flexi hose QuickLOCK™, flow indicator
51 E0 00FC
CleanAIR® Chemical 2F Ex – incl. flexi hose QuickLOCK™, comfort belt Ex, UK charger51 E0 00FCU
Short hood CA-1, orange72 01 02
Short hood CA-1, blue72 01 02B
Long hood CA-2, orange72 02 02
Long hood CA-2, blue72 02 02B
Long protective hood CA-10, chemically resistant72 10 02
Protective face shield UniMask, grey72 03 00.01
Spare parts, accessories
Standard battery, Li-Ion (14,4 V / 2,6 Ah)51 00 10
Power adaptor 230 V for the main socket51 00 15.1
Power adaptor 12 – 24 V – car power socket51 00 15.2
Charger Li-Ion 14,4 V – EURO plug51 00 30EUR
Charger Li-Ion 14,4 V – UK plug51 00 30UK
Battery charger AUS plug51 00 30AUS
Set of decontamination plugs – 2F51 00 46
Light flexi hose QuickLOCK™ – CA40x1/7”71 00 60
Rubber hose QuickLOCK™ – CA40x1/7”71 00 86
Comfort padded belt Ex71 E0 92
CleanAIR® Chemical 2F Ex – compatible filters
Compatible with all the CleanAIR® particle and combined filters with RD40×1/7“ thread
Weight960 g (including battery)
Dimension240 mm / 110 mm / 120 mm
Airflowadjustable 120 -235 lpm
Alarmaudio, visual
Operation* / charging time< 10 / < 3 h
BatteryLi-Ion 14,4 V / 2,6 Ah (standard)
Hose connectionCA40x1/7“
CertificationEN 12941 TH3
EN 12942 TM3
Ingress protectionIP64 / IP65 / IP68
ATEX classificationII 3 G IIB T4 Gc
II 3 D IIIC 135°C Dc
* at 160 lpm with brand new P R SL filters and fully charged battery