Welding helmet CA-27 YOGA

A new welding helmet with built-in air distribution system and high-quality auto-darkening filter AerTEC® X100. In combination with powered air purifying respirators or airline systems CleanAIR®, CA-27 provides an advanced level of protection against hazardous contaminants in very demanding welding environments.

The AerTEC® YOGA represents a high-quality welding helmet for the price you can afford. The new YOGA concept uses a lightweight though durable welding shield in combination with high-quality auto-darkening filter AerTEC® X100. This solution is suitable for most of the welding methods including TIG, even with very low welding currents.


Areas of application

  • Suitable for most of welding methods

Features & Benefits

  • Advantageous price/performance ratio
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Enlarged viewing area 100×53 mm
  • Continuously adjustable shade 9–13
  • The wide range of adjustable sensor sensitivity
  • Individual delay settings
  • Grinding mode
  • Compatible with wide range of CleanAIR® respirators
Complete hoods
Welding helmet CA-27, including air distribution and ADF AerTEC® X100 4/9–13 70 27 01
Welding helmet AerTEC® YOGA – Internal control of shade 9–13, sensitivity, delay and grinding mode 40 27 01
Spare parts, accessories
Welding helmet CA-27 YOGA – incl. air distribution, w/o ADF 70 27 97
Welding helmet AerTEC® YOGA – w/o air distribution, w/o ADF 40 27 97
Headband AerTEC® YOGA 70 27 41
Assembly kit for a welding hood incl. face seal and air duct 44 00 85CA
Face seal for welding hood – universal 70 21 53
Auto-darkening filter AerTEC® X100 4/9–13 40 51 00
Protection plate – external 70 27 71
Protection plate – internal 70 27 72
Light flexi hose (QuickLOCK™ – CA40x1/7“) 71 00 60
Technical data
Optical quality 1/1/1/2
Filter dimension 110×90 mm
Viewing area 100×53 mm
Arc sensors 4
Shade state DIN4/9–13
Shade control internal
Grinding mode YES, DIN4
Sensitivity control YES
TIG detection Enhanced
Energy supply solar cell + CR2032 battery
Certification EN379 (ADF), EN175 B (hood)