Safety helmet CA-40GW

Safety helmet CA-40GW with grinding and welding shield

Multi-purpose safety helmet with a welding and grinding shield provides 5 levels of protection at once: eye, face, head, respiratory and optional hearing protection. Stable fl ip-up is compatible with auto-darkening fi lters or passive fi lters in dimension of 110×90 mm. Superb quality visor with anti-fog / anti-scratch coating guarantees excelent fi eld of vision and increased duarability. The easy to change DIN4 or DIN5 visor expand the system to the perfect protector for eff icient Plasma or Oxy cutting. The product is suitable for the most challenging welding tasks including welding preparations (positioning, clamping) and further surface operations (grinding, cleaning, polishing).


Areas of application

  • Heavy duty maintenance
  • Automotive industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Building construction

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple protection – 5 levels of protection at once: eye, face, head, respiratory and optional
    hearing protection
  • Easy to wear, easy to use and easy to maintain system
  • Comtaptible with ADFs or passive fi lters 110×90 mm
  • Superb quality spherical visor guarantees an excelent fi eld of vision
  • Anti-fog coating prevents the visor from fogging
  • Anti-scratch coating increases the mechanical durability of the visor
  • Shade 4, shade 5 and yellow visors available
  • Enhanced robustness – protection against high-speed particles with HIGH energy
  • In-built air distribution system
  • The highest standard in respiratory protection – TH3
Complete hoods
Safety helmet CA-40GW with grinding and welding shield70 42 00
Safety helmet CA-40GW with grinding and welding shield
(including ADF Balder V9-13 ADC)
70 42 01
Spare parts, accessories
Spare welding shield CA-40GW (only for CA-40GW)70 42 02
Spare grinding shield CA-40G70 41 02
Protection film for grinding visor (pack of 10 pcs)70 41 20
Face seal70 40 60
Headband70 40 41x
Neck and throat protection70 40 65
Fixing screws70 40 43
Sweatband70 40 44
Earmuffs, No. 870 40 40
Earmuffs, No. 1070 40 41
Earmuffs, No. 1270 40 42
Outer protection plate polycarbonate70 40 80
Inner protection plate, 107×51 mm*107/51
Passive welding filter, shade 9110/90-09
Passive welding filter, shade 10110/90-10
Passive welding filter, shade 11110/90-11
Passive welding filter, shade 12110/90-12
Passive welding filter, shade 13110/90-13
Auto-darkening filter V9-13 ADC40 50 25
Light flexi hose (QuickLOCK™ – CA40x1/7“)71 00 60
Weight1 255 g
Dimensions300 mm / 240 mm / 320 mm
Welding filter dimensions110×90 mm
Viewing area (ADF)95×46,5 mm – Balder V9-13
100×53 mm – AerTEC™ X100/X110
Grinding visorpolycarbonate, 280×150 mm
Colourmetalic blue
Protection factor (NPF)500
CertificationEN 166 1, A, K, N
EN 379 1/1/1/2, EN 175 S, B, EN 397
EN 12941 TH3, EN 14594 3B