Shigematsu GX02

The full face mask Shigematsu GX02 uses a double seal flange which provides a maximum seal while keeping a high level of comfort for the wearer.

The mask has a wide panoramic visor which provides a maximum visual field and is equipped also with a speech diaphragm which facilitates a clear communication. The exchangeable polycarbonate visor has a special surface treatment which guarantees high scratch resistance. The mask body is made of high quality silicone which provides high resistance and a long operation life.
The six point head harness ensures a secure and easy fit. The mask is fitted with
a standard connection thread RD40×1/7“ according to EN 148-1 and thus enables
using a wide range of canister filters and powered air purifying systems
CleanAIR®. The mask is fully approved according to the standards EN 136 and EN 12942.


Areas of application

  • Chemical industry
  • Laboratories
  • Building industry
  • Remediation operations

Features & Benefits

  • Double seal flange
  • Wide panoramic visor
  • Anti scratch coating
  • The six point head harness
  • Standard connection thread RD40×1/7“
  • Two exhalation valves for low breathing resistance
  • Approved according to EN 136 and EN 12942 TM3
Complete sets
Full face mask GX02, size S 71 06 00S
Full face mask GX02, size M 71 06 00M
Full face mask GX02, size L 71 06 00L
Spare parts, accessories
Visor protection plate 71 06 20
Head harness 71 06 80
Inner mask including inner valves 71 06 90S/M/L *
Inhalation valve – set (membranes 5 pcs + 1 gasket) 71 06 95
Exhalation valve – set (membranes 5 pcs + 1 gasket) 71 06 96
Light flexi hose CA40x1/7″ – CA40x1/7″ 70 00 60
* Please choose the proper size of the inner mask – S, M or L
Weight 610 g
Available sizes S, M, L
Material mask body – silicone rubber
visor – polycarbonate
head harness – natural rubber
Connection RD40×1/7“
Protection factor (NPF) 2 000
Certification EN 136 CL3, EN 12942 TM3