CleanAIR® Pressure For Mask

The highest level of protection for particularly toxic environments.

The CleanAIR® Pressure for Mask is comfortable and versatile, highly effective constant flow airline system for use with the Shigematsu GX02 mask. The unique filter back up feature allows the user to keep breathing normally through the passive particle or combined filter in case of sudden failure of the air supply and provides breathing protection in case of emergency evacuation. The system allows the user to adjust the airflow from 170 lpm up to 250 lpm and keeps it at constant level regardless to changes of inlet pressure. In addition to the airflow regulation (170 – 250 lpm) the system is equipped with a warning whistle. It warns the user if the inlet pressure drops below the bottom limit of operating pressure (350 kPa). CleanAIR® Pressure for Mask was especially designed for long wearing periods or for workplaces where the contaminants are highly toxic and have poor warning properties. It is decontaminable by shower and it provides the maximum nominal protection factor of 2000 in accordance with EN 14594:05 (class 4B).


Areas of application

Long time work in industrial environments with highly toxic contaminants, constructions and food
processing industry, closed tanks, tunnels.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • High levels of airflow 160–250 lpm
  • Nominal protection factor 2000
  • Filter back up feature
  • Compatible with particle and combined filters
  • Decontaminable by shower
  • Low Pressure warning signal
Complete sets
Pressure for Mask incl. P3 filter and comfort belt 65 00 00PC
Pressure for Mask incl. P3 filter and decont. belt 65 00 00PD
Spare parts, accessories
Filter ZERO, 2x RD40x1/7″ 50 02 49
Filter A2B2E2K2P3 with two threads RD40x1/7″ 50 02 68
Standard hose 10 m for CAP 61 00 30
Antistatic hose 10 m for CAP 61 00 31
Pressure hose standard 10 m 61 00 30
Pressure hose antistatic 10 m 61 00 31
Standard hose 50 m for CAP 61 00 39
Antistatic hose 25 m for CAP 61 00 33
Antistatic hose 50 m for CAP 61 00 34
Spiral hose 10 m for CAP, mechanically resistant 61 00 46
Light flexi hose CA40x1/7“ – CA40x1/7“ 70 00 60
Rubber hose CA40x1/7“ – CA40x1/7“ 70 00 86CA
Air flow – adjustable 170–250 lpm
Inlet pressure 400–1 000 kPa
Weight 280 g (without air hose and filter)
Inlet connection compatible with RECTUS 25,26 and CEJN 320
Outlet connection MINI DIN 5 – compatible with RECTUS 21 serie
Certification EN 14594, class 4B