CleanAIR® Pressure Flow Master

Solutions for compressed air

CleanAIR® Pressure Flow Master systems create a constant airflow in hoods and masks and are therefore suitable for long-term work in the heaviest industrial environments. The regulator on the belt unit can adjust the amount of air coming from the central compressed air distribution system or a compressor and keeps it at a constant level without regard to the changes of inlet pressure.


Areas of application

  • Suitable to the heavy industrial environments, laboratories and to the chemical industry

Features & Benefits

  • Low weight
  • Economical operation
  • High levels of airflow
  • Warning low pressure system
  • Option of filtration of supplied air with CleanAIR® Conditioner
  • Compatible with a wide range of CleanAIR® headtops
Complete sets
CleanAIR® Flow Master including comfort belt67 00 00
Spare parts, accessories
CleanAIR® Pressure Conditioner with stand61 00 50
Standard hose 10 m for CAP61 00 30
Standard hose 25 m for CAP61 00 38
Standard hose 50 m for CAP61 00 39
Antistatic hose 10 m for CAP61 00 31
Antistatic hose 25 m for CAP61 00 33
Antistatic hose 50 m for CAP61 00 34
Spiral hose 10 m for CAP, mechanically resistant61 00 46
Noise silencer63 00 10
Belt for CleanAIR® Pressure70 00 95
Light flexi hose QuickLOCK™ – CA40x1/7“71 00 60
Rubber hose QuickLOCK™ – CA40×1/7“71 00 86
Comfort padded belt71 00 93
Leather comfort belt72 00 93
Air flow160–250 lpm
Inlet pressure400–1 000 kPa
Weight280 g
Inlet connectioncompatible with RECTUS 25, 26 and CEJN 320
Outlet connectionCA40×1/7“
CertificationEN 14594, class 3B