Basic 2000

Efficient particles filtration

Aergo + Welding hood CA-20

New generation
of welding protection

CleanAir Asbestos

Asbestos fibres protection

Protection helm

Protection of the face
and breathing paths


Filters for most
industrial applications


Ideal solution for workplaces with the possibility of connecting to a central compressed air distribution system or a compressor.

Thanks to high airflow it provides a high level of protection 
even with long-term operations in the heaviest industry environments. Systems of compressed air are fullycompatible with a wide range of CleanAIR® headtops.

Flow Master
System CleanAIR® Pressure Flow Master can regulate the amount of air coming from a central compressed air distribution system or a compressor and keeps it at a constant level without regard to changes of inlet pressure. Apart from the airflow regulation system it has a warning whistle which can warn the user in the case of an inlet pressure decrease below the bottom limit of operation pressure (cca 350 kPa).

CA Pressure

Basic version CleanAIR® Pressure which can regulate the amount of the supplied air and keeps it on a constant level without regard to changes of inlet pressure.


Thanks to an innovative belt holder it is now possible to combine the systems
with comfortable padded belts from the standard offer of CleanAIR®.

Compressed air filter station CleanAIR® Conditioner

The filter station provides additional filtration of compressed air everywhere the quality of the supplied air does not reach the requirements of regulation EN12021. The high capacity combined filter removes solid particles, oil mist and unpleasant odours which are present in the compressed air distribution system. CA Conditioner can supply sufficient amount of filtered air for two workers at the same time. 


• Low weight
• Economical operation
• High levels of airflow
• Warning low pressure system (Flow Master)

Areas of application
• Automotive industry – welding, grinding, surface finishing operations
• Heavy industrial environments
• Chemical industry
• Laboratories

Air flow
160–250 lpm 160–400 lpm
Inlet pressure
400–1 000 kPa 300–1 000 kPa
EN 14594,class 2A/3A/3B EN 14594, class 2A