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CleanAIR® Basic 2000

Powered air purifying respirator CleanAIR® Basic 2000 provides efficient filtration of air contaminated with particles such as dust, smoke, toxic and non-toxic fumes, solid and liquid aerosols, bacteria and viruses.
The respirator unit is popular for its compact shape and low weight. 

System CA BASIC is supplied with two product modifications which are compatible with a wide range of CleanAIR® headtops.


Basic 2000 FCPowered air purifying respirator with electronic control of constant airflow and advanced system for warning the wearer in the case of low airflow. Additionally, the respirator informs the wearer about the level of filter clogging and the battery charge level.


Economical version of the respirator which allows the user to choose between two levels of airflow ECO / TURBO and simple operation.

                  Basic 2000 DF

• Compact shape • Low weight (900 g including a filter and a battery)
• Control system of constant airflow 
• Adjustable airflow (140 to 210 lpm) 
• Advanced electronic system for warning the wearer 
• Controlling keyboard with a clearly arranged LED panel
• Easily exchangeable NiMH battery

Areas of application
• Dusty industrial environments – welding, grinding
• Automotive industry
• Building industry
• Food processing industry

Air flow
140–210 lpm – adjustable in 8 levels
(160 lpm and 200 lpm CAB Dual Flow)

EN 12941 TH2/TH3 PSL (CAB Flow Control)
EN 12941 TH1 PSL (CAB Dual Flow)