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Efficient particles filtration

Aergo + Welding hood CA-20

New generation
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CleanAir Asbestos

Asbestos fibres protection

Protection helm

Protection of the face
and breathing paths


Filters for most
industrial applications


Exceptionally light and compact powered air purifying respirator which is designed for active respiratory and face protection with remediation of materials containing asbestos.

The complete system with a full face mask GX-02 and a highly effective filter against particles guarantees high nominal protection factor
(NPF 2000), sufficient airflow and simple decontamination. Special emphasis has been placed on the low weight, simple operation and long operation life of the system. Thanks to its construction, the respirator can be connected directly with the full face mask or with the help of an adaptor (supplied with the respirator) placed on a belt and connected with a hose.

• Low weight, compact shape
• Simple operation
• Possible to connect it directly with the mask
• High nominal protection factor NPF 2000
• Possibility of decontamination IP 65

Areas of application
• Building industry, remediation operations

EN 12942 TM3


Chemical 2F Asbest

This combination of the respirator Chemical 2F and the full face mask Shigematsu GX-02 is a reliable solution for respiratory protection in environments contaminated by asbestos fibres.

An electronic system keeps the airflow constant at 160 lpm when user profile ASBEST is chosen. The unique automatic closing system prevents unwanted contamination of the unit by solid particles while the filters are being changed. The easily exchangeable Li-Ion battery guarantees its operation time up to 10 hours. The Shigematsu GX- 02 mask uses a double seal flange which provides maximal seal with a high level of comfort for the wearer.

• Compact shape and low weight
• High mechanical and chemical resistance
• Advanced electronic system for warning the wearer
• Full colour TFT display
• Can be decontaminated by a shower – resistance IP65
• Operation life up to 10 h
• High nominal protection factor NPF 2000

Technical data Chemical 2F

Air flow
120–235 lpm
EN 12941 TH2/TH3, EN12942 TM3

Technical data Shigematsu GX-02

EN 136, EN 12942 TM3