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Efficient particles filtration

Aergo + Welding hood CA-20

New generation
of welding protection

CleanAir Asbestos

Asbestos fibres protection

Protection helm

Protection of the face
and breathing paths


Filters for most
industrial applications

Welding hood CA-20

The new generation of welding hoods offers an innovative solution for integrated air distribution allowing the possibility to adjust the airflow direction and at the same time provide the maximal level of welder protection, even in the heaviest industrial environments. The CA-20 welding hoods are equipped with auto-darkening filters (Balder Grand) which use the revolutionary technology of Angular Dependence Compensation ADC Plus. CA-20 represents a combination of high level optical quality 1/1/1/1 and the highest class of respiratory protection TH3.


• Attractive design, low weight
• Integrated air distribution system
• Adjustable airflow direction
• Easily and quickly exchangeable face seal
• Enlarged viewing area 97×68mm
• ADC plus technology = the best optical quality 1/1/1/1
• Improved colour recognition thanks to a revolutionary UV/IR filter
• Also certified for grinding operations

Areas of application
• Professional welding hood suitable for all welding methods including TIG, even with very low welding currents

Protection factor
(NPF) 500
EN 12941 TH2/TH3, EN 14594 3B

Welding hood CA-23

Affordable version of an auto-darkening welding hood
and a PAPR system for welding operations.

A welding hood with a standard airflow distribution system and a face seal equipped with a CA Basic Dual Flow respiratory unit providing sufficient protection of the wearer in environments with contaminants in the form of particles such as dust, smoke and toxic and non-toxic fumes. The CA Basic unit has low weight, simple operation and two airflow level options ECO / TURBO.


• Compact shape, low weight
• Simple operation
• Adjustable airflow 160 and 210 lpm
• Exchangeable NiMH battery
• Suitable for most welding applications

Areas of application
• Suitable for most welding methods including TIG
• Ideal for occasional welders, maintenance workers, carriage builders and building assemblers 

Protection factor
(NPF) 10
EN 12941 TH1