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ca pressure

provides a conceptual solution for workplaces with the availability of compressed air supply from the distribution system, mobile air source, or a compressor. The supplied airline system can be used in combination with whole range of CleanAIR® headpieces for various industrial applications, which require an air supply that is independent from the ambient air. Without breathing resistance, it provides protection in particular for long duration applications. An adjustment valve on the belt unit enables the user to regulate the air flow between 170 and 400 l/min and therefore adapt the air flow to workers individual needs. The CleanAIR® PRESSURE is characterized with low noise level and light weight, enabling the user to work safely for long periods, while benefiting from excellent comfort. The modular supplied air system CleanAIR® PRESSURE provides comfortable and reliable respiratory protection in
accordance with EN 14594:2005. CA Pressure  The main component, inner pressure control valve, ensures the supply of constant air

flow master

 flow into the head-piece (the inlet pressure has to be between 0,4 – 1 Mpa). The unit is equipped with an adjusting knob for regulation ofair flow. A more efficient sound absorber well reduces the noisiness. CA Pressure Flow Control  In addition, the Flow Control version is equipped with a checking pressure gauge for continuous control of the respiratory system. Certification: EN 14594:05 2A Air flow – adjustable: min. 170 l/min, max. > 400 l/min Weight: 200 g, Noisiness: max. 61 dB Filter efficiency: P3 – when used with Clean-
air Pressure Conditioner CA Pressure Conditioner  A filter station is available for improving the quality of the inhaled air. The device is made of a 

strong metal container with high capacity combined filter inside. This filter station removes particles, adhesions like oil mists and unpleasant odours from industrial compressed air and therefore substantially improves the quality of the inhaled air. The inlet quick coupling allows a single-handed assemble of the device, outlet piece is prepared to connect up to 2 workers with CA Pressure unit. Checking pressure gauge measures the outlet pressure. Weight: 6,80 Kg Dimensions (height / diameter):  380 / 200 mm Min. inlet pressure: 0,3MPa Max. inlet pressure: 1 MPa Connectors: Quick couplings Standard compatible with Rectus and Ceyn 320, 1x inlet, 2x outlet