Basic 2000

Efficient particles filtration

Aergo + Welding hood CA-20

New generation
of welding protection

CleanAir Asbestos

Asbestos fibres protection

Protection helm

Protection of the face
and breathing paths


Filters for most
industrial applications

Our NEW CleanAIR® Safety Helmet CA-40 combines four types of protection and is designed for optimal comfort in situations where you need to protect your head, eyes, ears and airways. Despite its robust construction the helmet is well balanced and comfortable. Eye protection The integrated welding shield with universal window size 110x90mm, can be equipped with a conventional filter as well as a high quality ADF for your eye protecton. Ear protection Additional ear muffs offer hearing protection and comfort for extremely noisy environments The single-point attachment and flexible sliders ensure that the pressure and seal are evenly distributed round the ears. Head protection The safety helmet is designed for optimal comfort and uncompromising head protection. Comfortable and adjustable headband ensures an excellent wearing comfort. Respiratory protection Integrated airflow system in combination with powered respiratory unit provides the high standard in respiratory protection. All these safety features bring a great solution for heavy industrial environments such as shipyards, mines and construction sites.